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Intuitive Healing Consultations

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An Intuitive Healing session is a powerful and insightful approach to understanding how an illness has come about and what patterns of thought, energy, and situations are holding it in place, slowing down or preventing you to find wellness.  

Claie offers both 1 on 1 consultations and personalised Frequency Healing Cells  that are downloaded from the Quantum field tuned specifically to your unique energy, to aid and assist you in restoring cellular health.  


I'm Clâie Claie

I believe there are no mistakes in life, just aligned opportunities and you finding me here is one of them!

Everything is energy, your thoughts, your beliefs, you, even your illness.  My skill is to help you to translate the information, so you can transform the disease or disorder, and take control of your wellbeing in a gentle and nurturing way.

Mind & Body Intuition is something I've been practicing for almost 15 years, helping people clear and understand the energetic cause of unwanted emotional and physical illness, by assisting them to heal the belief and frequency and align with their highest personal wellbeing blueprint!

I look forward to working with you.


Much love,

Claie Intuitive Healing Australia creator of Lumiere Healing Cells. Light Language to restore wellness to your body.

Mind & Body Intuitive Services

Translating & transforming the frequency of illness into wellness is what we do best!

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Due to High Demand, there is currently a 6 month Waiting List for Mind & Body Intuitive Consultations with Claie.

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What a Mind & Body Intuitive does?

A Mind & Body Intuitive session is a powerful and insightful approach to understanding how an illness has come about and what patterns of thought, energy, and situations are holding it in place, slowing down or preventing you to find wellness.


Intuitive medicine goes beyond both Western and Eastern healing approaches, which both use and rely strongly on external products and hands on techniques to transform physical and mental blocks in the body.  This form of frequency healing is very ancient but only recently acknowledged in our modern day, and works directly with your etheric, emotional, physical and energetic body’s.  It gives you access to not only transforming your health, through your thoughts and beliefs but also highly preventative in relation to future illnesses manifesting.


The root cause of any illness can be linked to old trauma’s, memories, beliefs, toxic environments, from both this and other life times, that have created unhealthy patterns of energy to run as normal programs consistently through your mind, causing disturbance to your natural state of balance.  


A Mind & Body Intuitive has the ability to read the information directly related to a disease or illness, and interpret the frequency on a level that makes sense to your conscious mind, seeing beyond the layers of energy that are complex and difficult to understand. 

The Benefits of a Session.

There are many benefits of a Mind & Body Intuitive session, the most important is that you gain a sense of control and deeper understanding over why an illness has manifested, and how you can eliminate or prevent future illnesses from occurring.


There are no two illnesses that are identical, despite having similar symptoms.  Illnesses are energetic creations and just like you they are formed from a unique variety of emotions, thoughts, experiences and genetic formations.  The magic of working with a Mind & Body Intuitive is that they have the ability to read vibrational patterns, explaining how they were first created and offering ways to transform stuck energy, specific to you, rather than one size fits all.


Western and Eastern Medicine play important roles in healing but they look at what is, which is responsible for holding an illness in place, rather than working to transform the root energetic cause into harmony with the natural state of the body.


A session can:

  • Help you to understand the origin of the illness and the pattern of thought, and belief holding it in place.

  • Work with higher Quantum frequency to assist in helping the body to find wellness.

  • Create new beliefs and thought patterns to have more ownership over your health.

  • Understand other ways to support your body including, nutrition, detoxification, environmental disturbances, and spiritual awareness.

  • Give you greater insight and control over your ability to heal and release the energy holding illness in place.

  • Give you more clarity, vitality and focus to create more harmony, happiness and joy in your life.

Intuitive sessions for children.

Intuitive sessions can be done for children or nonverbal infants.  A recent image of the child with their name is enough for me to receive the energetic information pertaining to the issue or illness they are experiencing and are having difficulty expressing.


This method is extremely helpful for children, as they find it difficult to communicate or comprehend why they are feeling the way they do.  I find that children begin to shift almost as soon as the information has been accessed, as they generally hold less resistance than adults in relation to letting the energy transform.


Emotional, energetic, nutritional and environmental causes can be uncovered and explored, as recommendations to help you find solutions to rectify the situation.


Once the information has been gathered, a call can be organised at normal session rates to discuss the findings and recommendations.

What happens during a session?

A Mind & Body Intuition session begins by discussing your predetermined goals for your physical or mental wellbeing, that you wish to achieve during the session.  It is essential that you have clarity around how you want to feel as understanding why, is an important step to unlocking the illness. Your results will depend greatly on your ability to focus on what you would prefer rather than validating where you are in your life, as this holds illness or injury in place.


I will scan your energetic system and discover where there are blocks and or repeating patterns that are holding unwanted energy in place are, and help you recognise where mental shifts need to be made, to assist what has been difficult for you to heal in the past.


Often frequency language will spontaneously come through, that helps you align with your highest blueprint. Frequency Language is received from the Quantum field and accesses the information or energy that is connected to the perfect version of yourself, including your physical and mental health.

How are the sessions conducted?

All Sessions are conducted online, as I am able to gather clearer and more accurate information   with less distractions, you will also benefit as you feel more relaxed in your own environment.  As the sessions are not hands on, it doesn’t matter which country you reside as the information I receive is on an energetic level and can be accessed at any time or from any place.


If the session is for a child, or an nonverbal infant, I am able to gather the information prior to a session simply with the image of the child and the child’s name. 


This was something so different to what I expected.  Claie's insight and ability to understand on an emotional level how my repeated injury kept manifesting, really blew me away.

The way she delivered the information, was so easy to understand and she gave me some incredible techniques to use to train my negative thought patterns.


I can't recommend Claie enough.  She helped me overcome an issue with my shoulder that had been plaguing me since I was a teenager.

Since our first session, she has worked with 4 of my 5 children, helping them with various physical and mental problems, including addiction.  I'm just so grateful.


Claie's insight is next level!


  Her ability and connection to the information about my illness, has helped me in ways I can't even begin to explain.  Not only has my illness healed, I also feel happier and more self aware of how my emotions are communicating to my body.  I highly recommend the investment in yourself.

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