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Lumiere Cells are incredible, pure pockets of frequency language, created with the intention to help restore the natural flow of energy to your physical and mental body. 


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When we fear the outcome of events in our life, connected to people and situations that we know we need to let go of, the fear and negative emotions related to these, are stored within the bowel and colon area. 


The energy centres within the lower region of the body are connected to the way you relate physically to the world and how grounded you feel in your everyday life.  Often the focus is on the need to possess rather than a belief that you are free to create, and this causes a holding effect within the body.


The Lumiere Colon & Bowel Cell, helps to raise the frequency you need to realise you are free and safe to release those things you may have held on to that hold no true value or purpose in your life.  The cell tunes into frequencies of ease, and positive anticipation and helps disolve the fear associated with letting go.

Lumiere Bowel Cell

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