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The NEW Lumiere Eye Cell

Lumiere Language Claie
Lumiere Language Claie

Each Lumiere Cell by Claie, has been designed to energetically align and transform the frequency that is most out of balance with wellness within your pets body, creating a clear path for healing to take place on a Quantum level.

Lumiere Language by Claie

Frequency healing or sound healing as it’s more commonly known, has been around for thousands of years, but only recently have we started to effectively access both the language and sound to bring about natural wellness to our mind and, physical body.


These beautiful 3-5 minute channeled sound recordings by Claie, were each created with the intention of bringing the frequency that exists within the Quantum to those who were seeking physical healing to their body.


Each download places the cell, tissue or organ into a neutral space, to help create internal balance, before a higher more optimal frequency connected to health is received, to promote healing.  


The Lumiere Cells are intended to bring about more balance not only to the area of concern, but to the whole body, similar to what you would receive working with an Energy Healing Practitioner.


Each download is accompanied by a beautiful, crystal piece of music, created specifically to compliment the Language and hold the frequency within your body.

Claie is a Bio Energy Healer and the creator of  Lumiere Healing Cells, designed to restore balance & alignment to the physical body through Light Langauge & Sound.  Each Lumiere Healing Cell is attunded to the narural frequency of the organ, tissue or bone within the body encouraging cells to return more effortlessly to  a natural state of health.

A Faster way to heal

Quantum Healing Cells for YOU!

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Exceptional Quality


We believe the body knows how to heal itself but sometimes it needs a little extra dose of light.

Promotes Faster Healing

Bypasses the busy and controlling subconscious mind to create the perfect cellular foundation for healing.

Ease Anxiety and Stress around Illness

The relaxing language and soothing sounds created specifically to atune to your concern, encourages a sense of inner peace.

No Chemicals or Toxins

We use only the highest energy filled with light and love.

Affordable & Easy to Use

A small investment in yourself offering a big return that is safe and fun to do.

Advanced High Frequency

A lifetime of learning to Access and Master Quantum Frequency is packed into these little pockets of healing light.

What Other's are Saying

About the Lumiere Healing Cells

Client Feedback (6)

Feb 08

After receiving the neurologicalhealing cell. I had a small lump that developed in my armpit. After repeating the codes numerous times that ran for about 5 minutes and focusing in on that area, I began to feel the lump slowly decrease. I was absolutely stunned how this really works. Thank you Claire for your lightwork.

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I absolutely LOVE listening to multiple "Lumiere Healing Cells", quite often playing them while I am working or driving, as I don't always get the optimal time (as a busy single parent) to do the most powerful option with headphones and just listening mindfully. I am gentle with myself and consider anything is better than nothing. Don't get me wrong, I do listen in a cyclic manner as such, I just don't beat myself up about it if I can't. I wanted to share that, thinking it may be helpful for others who are considering purchasing these. As a brain tumor and cancer survivor with a history of a lot of traumatic past events, the main one I love to focus upon is "Blood Lumiere Healing Cells''. Since our blood circulates throughout our entire body I knew it would be the most beneficial to help affect EVERYTHING! I was guided to Clâie from the beginning of her early days on her instagram channel, her light language resonated with me instantly. In this day and age, we all need to be super discerning, most especially with sound, frequency and healing modalities we subject ourselves to everywhere and most especially online. All I can say, is from the bottom of my heart I truly trust Clâie, her vibration, energy, heart and channeled information. Her light language feels so good to my soul and always makes me smile, like I'm in the room with angels...pure LOVE source. So although I can't write here about specific changes happening from listening to these, I just INHERENTLY and INTUITIVELY KNOW they are working for my highest good and would absolutely recommend them to anyone considering them! With great love...💖💫🙏

Replying to

Amiy, thank you so much for your wonderful review. You were one of the very first people to get behind the work I was sharing, even when I thought it might be a little to out there, so your feedback is extremely valuable and important to me. Knowing that you feel like you are in the room with Angels, when you listen to the Healing Light Language couldn't be closer to the truth, because you definitely are. So Much Love to YOU! xo


Hello, I am leaving another review as I know they are helpful for people when looking to purchase something ~ I listen to quite a few of the Lumiere Healing Cells, and recently the Thyroid series that I was drawn to, which upon listening to I couldn't stop crying and feeling old memories being pulled from my throat chakra around difficultly speaking. I thought it was from end of day stress as I layed down to listen, but obviously the thyroid is in the throat chakra area! I love how healing they are and how they work. I hope this helps other people 🙏


I started listening to the Liver Lumiere Healing Cells as I intended to give my liver some healing and love, but without expectation of what would really happen - I was told I had inherited Gilbert Syndrome which is abnormally high levels of bilirubin in the blood, basically the liver isn't working optimally and it builds up in the blood. Over the years I had tried various natural supplements and therapies and the bilirubin blood levels stayed the same, until recently I had another blood test (I wasn't specifically looking for the bilirubin levels) but it has significantly dropped! The only thing I can put it down to is listening to the Liver Lumiere Healing Cells daily and bringing my attention to the liver for the healing to happen.

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This is such wonderful news, and I always love hearing the incredible transformations that take place in the body when the frequency within one of the Lumiere Cells, bypasses the busy mind. You will find the changes will continue within your blood, the more you trust your body's ability to find its natural balance. The activation codes within the Light Language are set at the frequency of trust and truth. Thank you for sharing your experience. Much Love Claie xo💕

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