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Lumiere Cells are incredible, pure pockets of frequency language, created with the intention to help restore the natural flow of energy to your physical and mental body. 


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The liver plays and essential role in many bodily functions, from protein production and blood clotting to glucose, cholesterol and iron metabolism.


One of the most vital functions of the Liver is that it is responsible for storing blood. It stores the blood when it is not being used by the body, and when we are active it sends the blood to the muscles to nourish them and keep them moist.  This plays an important role in influencing a person’s energy level, and preventing fatigue.


A liver that is unwell usually holds emotions such as fear, sadness and a lack of self-value. When negative beliefs build up related around these emotions, and aren’t resolved, it can often cause the liver to become toxic.  This usually shows up in one’s life in the form of toxic relationships or situations.


This transmission is for anyone who is experiencing physical or emotional issues affecting their Liver.


All illness at its core is energetic.  What seems like a pure physical condition is usually closely related to an emotional block, issue or trauma that has been stored in the bodies cellular or energetic memory.  The beauty of these Lumiere Cells, is that they reach into all the layers of your being helping to restore the patterns and programs that have created unhealthy paths for energy to flow.  


The Lumiere Liver Cell also contains a Quantum Frequency Healing, filled with blissful, calm and loving energy, that will leave you feeling more at peace and alignment.

Lumiere Liver Cell

GST Included
  • Anyone who is experiencing issues to do with their liver, and is looking for a gentle and subtle way to add to their healing practice.

    This Light Language is suitable for children too!

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