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Lumiere Cells are incredible, pure pockets of frequency language, created with the intention to help restore the natural flow of energy to your physical and mental body. 


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This Lumiere Cells is designed especially to assist in the clearing of old beliefs around weight and offer a new higher vibrational pattern around nourishment and its purpose in your life.


The frequency of the language within this healing transmission is designed to clear the belief, that holds in place unhealthy habits that can be problematic to your wellbeing and health.


Weight concerns are strongly linked to emotional beliefs, and programs, often used to help us feel comforted and grounded in our body.  This activation assists in releasing the old version of health and allows you to insert a new vision, emotion and vibration that supports the physical body you want to experience in this lifetime.


The best results will come from setting a clear intention about how you want to look and FEEL and how you will nurture your mind and body from this point forward.

Lumiere Weight Loss Cell

GST Included
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