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Lumiere Cells are incredible, pure pockets of frequency language, created with the intention to help restore the natural flow of energy to your physical and mental body. 


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Because our pets can’t communicate with us in words, often it’s difficult to understand the best way to soothe them when they are feeling anxious, or unwell and this can leave us feeling equally as distressed. I know from personal experience the feeling of helplessness, and it’s one of the key reasons I created the Lumiere Pet Cells for Dogs.


I wanted to provide a non-toxic, gentle and effective alternative to bring genuine calm and lasting healing to your 4-legged friend when nothing else you’ve tried has worked.


The Calm Male Pet Cell, is filled with frequency language to specifically help to calm your pets anxiety, help them to feel safe, and rebalance the scattered frequency they are holding within their cells.


There is also a Frequency Language included for you the owner as a separate recording, to slow down any stress or fear you are holding and unknowinly sharing with your pet, that can exaggerate the condition or hinder the healing. 


Duration: 12 minutes - can be played on repeat

Lumiere Pet Cell for Male Dogs - Calm

GST Included
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