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The Codes

Welcome to the Code Series, where I share with you a series of Light Language transmissions to help you upgrade you internal programming, to release old stuck energy patterns and replace them with more aligned and higher frequency information.




The Heart Codes

Your Heart is truly the centre of your universe.  

Connected to health, emotional happiness and to the universal energy, your heart plays a key role in the quality of your whole life.

Enjoy a Mini Quantum Heart Healing

I've downloaded 3 Lumiere Language Codes with specific purposes, the first to gain more internal and external energetic balance, the next to release resistance and open you up to receiving higher frequencies and finally the last but not least, a dose of high quality Quantum Energy!

Lumiere Language Heart Codes enjoy a mini quantum heart healing by Claie

The Purifying Codes

Our organs are designed to function energetically beyond what we have been taught to believe.  


These purifying codes are to assist 4 of the key organs responsible for purifying the frequency that enters our body and circulates throughout it to provide healing at a quantum level.


The Purifying Codes by Claie to assist with healing the organs and cells that have become blocked or compromised within the body.  Claie Light Language

The Sensing Codes

Your physical senses being sight, sounds, taste, and smell, provide you with access to your 3D world, but what if you want to gain access to higher and clearer energy, the type that heals illness, creates abundance and allows you to live a more connected and intuitive life?

Well, I've created codes to help you achieve just that!!  

Please enjoy the Frequency Transmissions for the Eyes, Ears, Mouth, and Nose, that have a beautiful Quantum frequency running through them, to help restore natural balance to those senses needing a little TLC.

The Sensing codes by Claie.  Light Language to help you bring alignment to your physical senses for greater health and harmony.  By Claie
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