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Tune into your 


 21 Days




The language of the Quantum is Emotional Frequency

Your emotions are frequencies, generated and held in place within your body by the thoughts you think and the programs you believe to be true that hold them in place in your conscious mind and cellular body.

Understanding this is POWERFUL, because it allows you to isolate the energy of each emotion, withouth having to trawl through the old stories, painful memories and outdate programs that continue to hold you in patterns that no longer serve you.

This is why understanding your unique frequency language is the fastest and easiest way to removing old blocks and preventing yourself from falling into the same old habits that are not helping you to reach your unlimited potential.


By following a daily routine, and being consistently mindful you will quickly start to learn that being multidimensional has more to do with understanding frequency than anything else. 


In a matter of days, you will start to learn your unique energetic language, which will give you easy access to assist you in healing emotional and physical energetic blocks within your mind and body. 



I created this course because I know that your life wasn't meant to be full of pain, illness and struggle.


I wanted to help you to learn your own energetic language, by teaching you how to interpret and trust the feelings you experience within your body.

Most of us have grown up with limited beliefs attached to health, abundance, love, joy and relationships.  I want to show you in an easy way, that long after you finish this course, you can bypass all the heavy inner work simply by tuning into the frequency of the thought that is holding the unwanted emotion and reprogram with a new belief YOURSELF!


A 21 Day Experience to help you translate your unique emotional energetic language.

Welcome to 21 Day's to Becoming Quantum, a beautiful, gentle and easy way to help you to simplify the emotional signals and messeages your energy is sending you, to improve your mental wellness, physical health and happiness quota.

This is Your Time


I've learnt how to harness and integrate the incredible energy you may know as 5D or quantum into my everyday, to create the most amazing healthy and joyful life, and it brings me so much joy that I can finally share with you the simple steps to do the same.

This isn't just about a creating a quick fix.  It's about helping you to recognise easily and instantly know how to remove any barriers between you and the joyful, abundant life you intended to live.  But most importantly, it's about teaching you how to interpret your unique emotional frequency language.  

It's your time to finally receive the missing pieces and apply them into your life with these activating Light Language codes and easy to use tools I've created for you.

I can't wait for you to join me!

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What's Inside!

3 Effective Steps Each Day to Understanding your Frequency



Starting off gently each day, sets the tone for everything that follows, so it will be of no suprise that a Light Language is first up on the menu.

Each Light Language is intentionally downloaded to help you align and open up to the frequency for the day, making it easier to stay focussed and commit to the exercise.  They sometimes feel like we are cheating because they work so effectively!



For each exercise you'll be asked to bring the frequency of the day.  This will help you to intentionally access higher energies and let go of lower ones when you're going about your everyday life, not just when you are sitting in silence or meditation.



Some simple but extremely effective mind exercises to familiarise yourself with the exact frequency of specific thoughts and how they behave as energy within your body.



Now you have the formula, you can continue implementing these beautiful and very easy to follow steps into your every minute of everyday.  Catching thoughts before they manifest into unwanted and tuning your body to wellness.  This is the key to your Quantum Life.  

your Intuition

"By understanding how your own energy communicates, you realise all the answers to all your questions are all accessible from within.   They don't teach intuition at school but it is without doubt the most valuable subject you could ever learn."



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It Starts with Consistency

You know the feeling of enthusiasm and hope, when you subscribe to something new that promises to change your life in the best way possible.  You show up for the first few days, maybe the first week and then you just lose momentum.  Well this is actually one of the key reasons you keep finding yourself in the same place.  Remember the saying "slow and steady wins the race." well it's true. If you show up a little everyday, and commit to what you set out to achieve, you'll be astounded by what happens.

True and lasting change happens very slowly and subtly.  It's the exact way healing works. Consistency is your best friend.

I have been loving this 21 day journey with Claie- today is ACCEPTANCE
I experienced that it sits all over my body and every cell of my being but when I did the light language activation my solar plexus went into overdrive - it was tense and tight
So POWERFUL! That activation really went deep into the fear of self acceptance and self love- and that it sits in my solar plexus is incredible as that’s our power centre and so the realization for me being that my power my dharma my purpose is so rooted into self acceptance! AMAIZNG! I just love this, thank you so much!!


Living a Quantum Life


Your daily Light Language & Energy exercises to help you reach deeper understandings of your own emotional frequency language to upgrade the thoughts you think and feel every day!

These daily doses of energy, are the exact same steps I used to live and a create a life of true physical health and positive emotional abundance.

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