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Healing has never felt so blissful

Lumiere Frequency Cells by Claie

"Every now and again you stumble across something special that changes your life in the most incredible way, Lumiere Frequcency Cells are exactly that!"



Our Lumiere Frequency Cells

If you’ve been looking for something to help soothe you into a faster healing state, but can’t seem to stop focussing on the illness or get out of your head, the Lumiere Frequency Cells by Claie, are absolutely perfect for you.


The Individual Frequency Healing downloads, addresses a different area of your body that may be in need of rejuvenation from Blood and Bones to Thyroid, Lungs, Liver and Kidneys. 


Each Lumiere Healing Cell, works in 3 stages.

First they neutralises the energy around the specific area of concern within your body, by tuning it into the normal frequency range.  

Next, they raise the quality of frequency to a higher state for your body to access and integrate.

Finally they harmonise your whole body, to a more calm state so healing can begin to occur.

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To put it simply, Light Language is the true language of your soul.  It is comes through in the form of spoken word, hand signs or drawn symbols, all carrying sacred geometry and the frequency of love, to heal the unaligned aspects we all carry within.


Light Language is the ability to communicate with all that is, without the interference of old beliefs or thoughts that are stored and running as programs deep in the mind.  It allows light codes or packets of information to be activated within the emotional, physical, mental and etheric bodies to natural assist in the restoration of energies that have become blocked or damaged due to low manifested vibration.


The ancient language was spoken in both Lumerian and Atlantean times as well as in other dimensions.  Despite its age, it has only recently been activated on a larger scale across our beautiful planet to those who can receive frequency as clear channels.  It’s an exciting new form for healing capable of reprogramming unwanted thoughts, emotions, and all forms of physical health. 


This unusual sounding but ever so familiar language also contains frequency that can positively affect our DNA, allowing us to become more connected and aware of our soul blueprint and higher purpose in this lifetime and beyond. 

Claie, is all about helping you awaken and reconnect with the highest version of you, through this beautiful frequency language.


The Light Code Transmissions

Claie Lumiere Language Light Code Transmissions for the Body
Claie Lumiere Language Light Code Transmissions for Emotions
Claie Lumiere Languaguage Light Code Transmissions for Ascension




Light Language Transmissions specifically focussed on releasing physical blocks in the body and creating more harmony and balance amongst the cells.

Beautiful frequency transmissions to help you to release stuck and unwanted emotional energy.

Work with the Frequency of the New Earth to assist you in manifesting a life filled with love, health, happiness and abundance.


“This information is a gift of pure LOVE to anyone who desires to step into a world where frequency becomes their currency for happiness, health, joy, and abundance.”


Claie Lumiere Healing Cells Quantum Frequency and Light Language Expert

I am truly honored that you are here.  


Clâie, is not about one person, it’s about beautiful people like you who are coming together to raise both individual and collective frequency on earth. 


At heart, I am a healer and have practiced Intuitive Healing, and taught for many years the unique frequency that creates and heals, that lives within each and every thought. For as longs as I can remember, energy has been my language, so it should have been of no surprise when these light language transmissions began flowing spontaneously out of me with incredible healing codes embedded within! 


In this incarnation, it’s been about remembering all the knowledge I once knew and sharing it when I felt the time was right, with those souls who were seeking balance, harmony, and healing in their life.


That time is NOW! 

Let's do this Together!!

Much Love 


The SECRET to creating health, abundance and joy, is understanding your unique frequency language.

Let Me Show You How!

Claie Healing Light Language
Claie The Frequency of Healing and Wellness

Finding the Frequency of Wellness

Intuitive Healing

An Intuitive Healing session is a powerful and insightful approach to understanding how an illness has come about and what patterns of thought, energy, and situations are holding it in place, slowing down or preventing you to find wellness.  

Claie offers both 1 on 1 consultations and personalised Frequency Healing Cells  that are downloaded from the Quantum field tuned specifically to your unique energy, to aid and assist you in restoring cellular health.  



Simplifying the secrets to creating a Quantum Life


Listen to the NEW

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Want to Upgrade your Frequency?  
Lumiere Healing Cells Speak your Language!

Lumiere Cells

Each Lumiere Cell by Claie, has been designed to energetically align and transform the frequency that is most out of balance with wellness within your body, creating a path for healing to take place on a Quantum level.

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Healing Series

The Heart Codes

Your Heart is truly the centre of your universe.  

Connected to health, emotional happiness and to the universal energy, your heart plays a key role in the quality of your whole life.

Enjoy a Mini Quantum Heart Healing

I've downloaded 3 Lumiere Language Codes with specific purposes, the first to gain more internal and external energetic balance, the next to release resistance and open you up to receiving higher frequencies and finally the last but not least, a dose of high quality Quantum Energy!