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Sharing with you the secrets to creating a Quantum Life


Welcome to The Lumiere Language Podcast!


More people than ever, are moving into higher states of conscious and learning to live more authentic and intuitive lives filled and centred in trust, love and abundance.  I tune into some of the higher dimensional energies to bring through relevant guidance and light language to help you to integrate and navigate this wonderful new world in a gentle, and non-complicated way.

Latest Episode

How to Remove Fear from your Thoughts

Season 1 Episode 1 full recordingClaie
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Welcome to the first episode of Lumiere Language's Living a Quantum Life.


In today's episode, I speak about how to integrate with more ease all the wonderful new frequencies we are gaining access to, whilst staying true to ourselves, and share my intuitive journey and how I realised my obligation to heal was holding me back from making a real difference to genuinely helping others.

Season 1 Episode 1 full recordingClaie
00:00 / 12:03


Panoramic View

In this episode, I share with you how to find the Master Thoughts that are responsible for keeping you in low vibration, and how to go about changing and raising the frequency of your personal stories and programs, to generate happiness and health. Plus I share a Light Language to integrate your new understanding of Thought Frequency and speed up the change process.

Season 1 Episode 2 Full Recording 1.1Claie
00:00 / 15:20


In this episode, I discuss the thoughts responsible for speeding up ascension as well as the emotions that will keep you in a lower state of consciousness and connected to the 3D Matrix. I also share with you my own quantum experience and what you should expect in your daily life once you begin to ascend!

Season 1 Episode 3Claie
00:00 / 13:55


In this week's Episode, I share with you the energetic essence behind all illness, and why replacing thoughts filled with fear is the fastest way to transform any area in your life where you feel energetically stuck or blocked. There is also a beautiful Light Language to help you take a leap of faith!

Season 1 Episode 4Claie
00:00 / 11:01
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