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Want to Upgrade your Frequency?  Lumiere Healing Cells Speak your Language!

The NEW Lumiere Cells

Each Lumiere Cell has been designed to energetically align and transform the frequency that is most out of balance with wellness within your body, creating a path for healing to take place on a Quantum level.

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Your Pets are Feeling Ascension Symptoms too!

Ascension symptoms can be exhausting, confusing, painful and emotionally draining and surprisingly are not limited to humans, they may be extended to your pets.

For those of you who are aware of the planetary shift taking place on Gaia, you will be well know releasing old beliefs, programs of thought and habits, is quite challenging and at times exhausting, yet necessary to prepare our energetic and physical bodies for ascension.

Over the past couple of years, I have received countless questions and messages from pet owners who are finding strange behaviours occurring in their four-legged companions, including aversion to certain foods, depression and at times extreme lethargy.  There has also been a large increase in undiagnosable illnesses, cancer and anxiety.

Our canine friends are not immune to feeling or for that matter holding on to emotions, both positive and negative.  Over their lifetimes they have created programs connected to their environment, and the energy around them. Just like you, they have fears that may turn into blocks potentially manifesting as illness, if they don't have the opportunity to release them.

If your pet can play freely on the grass, at the beach or in nature, then it is highly likely that the earth will do its magic and pull the lower vibrations they are holding out from their system and transmute them so their vibration is more aligned with their natural state.  If however you live in the city and your dog spends the majority of time inside without having access to the great outdoors, its ability to self-heal becomes a little more compromised.  They are like us and need the elements to cleanse and nurture their physicality.

The majority of us, live in cities, so we need to look at other ways to find balance for our pets and to help them release the low frequencies that they no longer need to ascend.  This could be as easy as letting them run freely in a safe environment, ensuring they are eating clean not overly processed food and drinking clean filtered water.

For those of you who have pets that need a little extra help, I have created a beautiful Frequency Healing Light Language for Female / Male Dogs, to help calm, balance and create space for newer, higher vibrations to enter their system.  You can find them at 

All Lumiere Pet Cells are gentle frequency language healings for animals, downloaded with specific intention to help you with those problematic issues you can't put your finger on relating to your furry friend. The Cells have been attuned to the male and female quantum frequency, and the only difference between the two cells is female dogs have a womb which plays an important role in assisting them, and the earth to ascend, which needs to be balanced differently.

In the coming weeks, I’ll be posting more about the energetic, past-life connection you may have with your furry friend and how together you have made an agreement to support each other through this very special time on the earth,

For those of you who have cats, horses or other 4 legged friends, I’ll be releasing Frequency Healing Cells for them shortly so make sure you subscribe to the website or follow me @lumiere_language on Instagram to hear about them when they go live.

So Much Love to You

Claie xo

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