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Want to Upgrade your Frequency?  Lumiere Healing Cells Speak your Language!

The NEW Lumiere Cells

Each Lumiere Cell has been designed to energetically align and transform the frequency that is most out of balance with wellness within your body, creating a path for healing to take place on a Quantum level.

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The Frequency for Weight Loss

Updated: Feb 26

Lumiere Healing Cells the new way to lose weight
Lumiere Weight Loss Cell

Sometimes we get so caught up in the doing that we fail to see the perfect solution waiting to drop into our consciousness that will guide us, firstly to a clearer understanding and secondly to a path that will ultimately dissolve our problem.

Our bodies are a complex construction of cells, tissues, organs and bones that allow us to house our beautiful souls, so we can experience expansion, while we are here on earth.  As humans, we still have a relatively limited understanding of how we heal, and transform those parts of our body that aren't in harmony with the expectations we have around how they should look and feel.

I believe anything you are energetically experiencing physically, causing you distress, pain or discomfort, can be transformed by raising the frequency of the thoughts you are thinking around the topic, and this applies to weight loss too!

Two decades ago, when I first discovered my ability to help others heal, I spent time working in one of the major Melbourne hospitals in the severe Eating Disorder Unit, teaching patients to tune in to their bodies, through different forms of energy.  It was one of those experiences that propelled me into the world of frequency and created the basis for all the work I do today around thoughts, beliefs and self-healing.

So it is no surprise that I find myself writing about weight and the emotional frequency and beliefs that hold the unwanted kilograms or pounds in place.

What you believe about nourishing your own body, and self-love, is at the core of every weight concern, be it overweight or underweight.

Now I have always believed that digging deep to find trauma is unnecessary, as it just creates more matching unwanted energy, and the same is true for weight loss.  Yes, it is an emotional program but you are not your emotions, the outdated programs around self-love have just been running for so long that they feel like they are your truth. It's time to create a new truth about how your body serves you, and what you can do to sustain it.

This is life-changing stuff!

When we feel something deeply, we tend to believe it is who we are, accepting it, and making excuses for why it is what it is.  But you are not defined by what you feel unless you believe it is true.  Your weight is not hereditary unless you believe it is, your weight does not have to be slow to fall off unless you believe it does, and you can transform and shed the heavy emotional weight that is trapped inside your body, by shifting up the belief to a frequency that matches the way you want to feel.

I know this is a topic that is close to many of your hearts.  I also understand that holding any emotion that doesn’t serve your highest good needs to be transformed, so I would like to help shed some light on how you can do that.

I’ve recently added a new Lumiere Weight Loss Healing Cell, to the Lumiere Healing Cell Collection, to help activate a healthy body image frequency, and promote a new program of thought (the one you decide to insert) into your conscious mind.

The feedback I've had so far has been nothing but unbelievable! One of the messages I received was from a woman who listened to the Lumiere Weight Loss Frequency Cell and realised she had a fear of letting go of the weight and needed to replace that emotion with love. As soon as she tuned into that feeling, she raised her frequency and she said she literally dropped one dress size the very next day!

Now she has come to that realisation and is ready to change the frequency of the emotion to love instead of fear, around food, the weight will continue to come off.

The Lumiere Cells have a trigger within them to raise your vibration, allowing the answers to your specific health concerns to fall into your consciousness. They hold a pattern that gives you the ability to place a new belief into your subconscious aligning with your unique health and life goals.

Much Love

Clâie xo

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Feb 13

Food and our behaviours around it are incredibly complex and interesting but at the core all energetic programs. It has the ability to reach into every area of our emotional life and nourish us in ways both positive and negative, depending on the story we are living by. 💗💗

Replying to

Claie, were you replying to my specific comment with this? I am assuming so. Thank you so much! I can see how definitely there are so many layers of energetic programs within this dynamic for sure!


Interesting, Claie your blog about the frequency of weight loss cell, which I just finished reading. I am thinking of trying it for my personal relationship, as well as parental relationship blocks with food that I have and had since childhood, my teenage sons seem to have their own, perhaps they picked up from me or their trauma experiences. They are very lean and would want the opposite effect to loosing weight and I am fine just as I am. However, food, food prep...buying food anything around food is and has become an "issue" for me, most especially seeing my sons daily and wondering if it's "my fault". I know there are so many layers here and I appreciate yo…



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