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Want to Upgrade your Frequency?  Lumiere Healing Cells Speak your Language!

The NEW Lumiere Cells

Each Lumiere Cell has been designed to energetically align and transform the frequency that is most out of balance with wellness within your body, creating a path for healing to take place on a Quantum level.

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Illness; A Thing of the Past in the Quantum

Now there are many topics close to my heart but Quantum physical health without a doubt, is right at the top of the list.

For those of you who have been following me for a while, you will know that I have spent much of my time focused on healing the body using quantum energy, directly related to the frequency of your thoughts and beliefs.  So it will come as no surprise as this is the first subject I’d like to touch on concerning living a quantum life.

Now before I dive into this topic I would like to point out that there is a matching frequency for every illness and the belief that holds it in place.  To heal, you need to have a level of faith or belief in your ability to find wellness.  If you have little faith in yourself, you are more likely to look to someone you trust to find the healing you require.  Living from a quantum perspective of self-belief and trust will eliminate the need to find cellular balance through assistance or dependence on another.

If you look around you at the medical model currently in place across most of the West and in many other areas of the globe, you will notice healing is based on a hierarchical system of scientists, surgeons, doctors and pharmacists, who rely on for the most part on chemicals, invasive procedures and radiation as a means of treating and healing illness.

Over the last 100-plus years, society has turned outwards to rely on someone or something outside of themselves to provide wellness, trusting and investing their wellbeing in the hands of others who they have come to believe know more about their physiology than they do.  The medical system as it currently stands, is the first point of contact for most of us even for something as minor as a cough or cold, with many reaching for well-known household-branded pharmaceuticals to ease symptoms.

Models or systems of any kind are held in place only because the belief systems behind them are strong and feel logical and acceptable enough to us that we decide to support them. So what then is the belief that has managed to convert the majority to this outsourced, disempowering and expensive form of health care, that doesn’t seem to be working?

Now I could tell you straight out what I believe it is, but I feel the best way for anyone to crack the code to a belief is to discover the answer themself by asking the important questions.  Take a moment to ask yourself what you believe about the power and influence you possess around your health.  Does illness happen to you or is it caused by choices and energetic blocks within your system?  Can you heal yourself or is it beyond your ability to do so?  Once you have contemplated the answers, ask yourself why you believe what you do. Who told you it had to be that way?

For many, the belief around healing might look a little like this. “I need other people who are smarter and better educated than me in the field of medicine to heal my body because they understand my body better than I do.  or  “My genetics and DNA are responsible for my health issues, so I follow the advice of those who are specialist in this field.”

There is no right or wrong answer, but there is a frequency connected to each belief that will either vibrate at the level of self-empowerment or dependency, directly affecting how your body will heal.  The wonderful thing is, that you get to choose which frequency you want to hold, you just need to adopt a belief that is in alignment with what you desire and regular practices around it to create new energetic pathways.

As you may have already guessed quantum health holds a belief system that centres around “All illness is energetic and I can influence my body through my belief systems and thoughts, through active practice.”

The above is an extremely powerful statement that unlocks a door to not just the health of your body but that of your mind and abilities too.  You remove the limits to what you previously believed about the state of your body and you get to create clear pathways for higher frequency to flow into you.

As you begin to align with wellness, you will intuitively begin to receive the answers to questions and solutions to problems that are related to blocks within your system.  These will always be related to healing using frequency and energy such as sound, light, high vibrational food, movement, and working with those who can assist and support your inner growth without dependence.

Your first point of call, when imbalance occurs within your body, is to go within, calm the mind, and allow yourself to connect with both your intuition and your spiritual guidance.  Communication with your cells will happen naturally, as you become more fine-tuned to the frequency of each emotion and thought, knowing instantly which of them needs to be examined and adjusted.  The frequency of emotions is a topic that I will touch on in another blog because once you learn the frequency language of emotion, you become the master of your physical operating system.

New technologies that are non-evasive, focused on harmony instead of fear and abundance instead of financial gain, will replace the old model of ego and greed that have dominated the medical system for far too long.  Care will come from the heart, rather than from obligation and survival, adding to the beautiful energy that you will be transforming within your system.

Within a very short time, it will be the preventative practices that are put in place within your daily lives as joyful tasks will eventually make illness obsolete in the way we understand it today. Frequency will be the medicine you take, in small, gentle doses, using technology that seems like something out of a science fiction movie. The outcomes will not be long and drawn out, but rather instantaneous in most cases, with the focus on finding the frequency of health rather than the cure of the illness.

The pain we know today, will simply not exist, as our physical bodies will not sit in the same heavy density that they have for thousands of years. The merging of our light body with our physical will give us the ability to see quickly the cause of the block and move it on energetically through the advanced ability to connect our thoughts and imagination to higher frequencies.

Our cells will access only the information from those things that resonate with their high frequency. Pollution, toxic chemicals, and low-grade frequency and people, will not register, and therefore will have no power to cause harm as they do on the earth at present. They will naturally repel what is not in alignment with their natural state of balance, making energy and frequency the most important factors in maintaining excellent health.

I think you will agree, that the quantum offers a more desirable and less invasive version of wellness.

I’ve just released a 21-Day Challenge to Quantum Emotions, which is an ultra-easy and fun yet powerful way to learn the frequency of your emotions through the thoughts you think.  By consistently learning how to tune into the energy, you will be able to access and interpret the frequency of your emotional body, giving you more control over your mental and physical health.  Please check it out, I know you'll love it. It's the exact way I taught myself to read the frequency of my emotions.

Much Love from the Quantum

Claie xo

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