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Want to Upgrade your Frequency?  Lumiere Healing Cells Speak your Language!

The NEW Lumiere Cells

Each Lumiere Cell has been designed to energetically align and transform the frequency that is most out of balance with wellness within your body, creating a path for healing to take place on a Quantum level.

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Reaching Beyond Fear

Reaching beyond fear
Reaching beyond Fear

Fear can challenge you, and help you to grow beyond your self-created limits but it can also be the catalyst to all kinds of unwanted, including illness and unhappiness. So how do you go about eliminating its vibration from your thoughts and transforming it into something more desired?

Fear is a frequency, and if you could see it, I would imagine it looking similar to those orchestrated beams of light used to secure items or objects of value in a museum. Those beams are truly invisible but the belief of what will happen if we place our hands in or through them is so entrenched in our mind and energetic body as truth that we don’t dare to challenge it and push through the invisible barrier. Rather we cling to the stories and beliefs of what will happen to us if we do and those beliefs, of course, are filled with fear.

Now I’m not saying that fear is a bad thing because it’s not in small doses. Still, when it’s used to manipulate you into someone else’s version of what is right or wrong, then it’s definitely not the quality of energy or a feeling you want to include within your thoughts.

Over the years I have spent most of my time curious and passionate about understanding the essence and frequency of thought. This has allowed me to see the key ingredients that create illness both mental and physical in the body and witness how programs that hold low vibrating beliefs manifest into unwanted outcomes. Without exception, behind each and every single illness lives a belief that holds fear. As minuscule or unimportant as you may think it is, it is the number one blocker from living a life that is centred around wellness and faith.

Faith is truly the opposite of fear and the two cannot coexist harmoniously. You cannot have a little faith because the rest of the space is left for fear like you cannot have a little fear and a lot of faith. It’s a non-negotiable equation and is the difference between living a quantum life or staying connected to a life that always feels like someone else is running the show.

I want to take you back to when I was awakening to my true spiritual gifts, and when the universe really wanted me to do something about all the information I was receiving, I knew instinctively I needed to trust but due to the misinformation, ignorance and negative stories I’d been told about those with “special gifts”, so I felt nothing but fear around opening up to the world of spirit. And then one day after I was almost ready to put my antenna down and tune out, I came across a single quote that changed my life and it simply read, “Love is stronger than fear.”

Now to some, it may seem nothing very interesting or earth-shattering but to me, it shifted my perspective from third-dimensional to multidimensional where I began to see through a lens of joy. It sent an electrical current through my body and I’d learnt that this was a clear sign that it held significant importance and would guide me closer to what I was asking. Back then the whole 3d, 5d thing wasn't spoken about and energy work was seen as woo-woo, crazy lady stuff, so I really had to trust the feeling and follow my intuition.

So what did I do with it? Well, I took the sign and began applying it to my every thought and action as diligently as I could from that day onward. Don’t get me wrong, this was a work in progress for many years ( you guys have got much greater access and less density to get through to the high energy than I did 16 years ago) so you will be able to accomplish a true change in days, or weeks if you make yourself the most important priority and show up without excuses.

I was really my own guinea pig as nobody was talking about the frequency of thoughts and how they directly impacted your whole existence. But I didn’t care, I was getting incredible personal results and I felt happier, clearer and healthier I had done nothing, absolutely nothing but changed the vibration of fear within each thought to that of love.

Now if you haven’t listened to my podcast How to Change the Frequency of Your Thoughts, I highly recommend you do, because I explain in that episode how I managed to find the master thought who resembles the Director and is responsible for making sure your own movie will play out.

If you break your life into various compartments, relationships, money, health, and career, you will find that some are much more in balance than others. Why? Because those areas hold less fear and you have more trust and faith in the subject matter you’re interacting with. You don’t question why, because in your heart you just know, you hold a belief void of fear.

Now think of one area in your life, one is enough and ask yourself HONESTLY, what do I fear will happen if I do?

The great thing is if you can be truly honest with yourself ( and I just want to make this point, because energy never lies even though we as humans do), you will quickly realise that your thoughts need to be diffused of the fear and fueled with love and of course, faith. I personally choose love to fuel my thoughts, and not big romantic love, just simple love is enough, it could be something like the love you have for your pets, for the warmth of the sunshine on your skin, or even for the softness of your pillow and the comfort of your bed. Stuff that isn’t loaded with other triggers and doesn’t hold emotional baggage.

Because simple stuff is always the best.

Much Love



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