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Want to Upgrade your Frequency?  Lumiere Healing Cells Speak your Language!

The NEW Lumiere Cells

Each Lumiere Cell has been designed to energetically align and transform the frequency that is most out of balance with wellness within your body, creating a path for healing to take place on a Quantum level.

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Living 5th Dimensional Joy right Now!

Although many of you know me as a channeller of Frequency Language, I want to start to share with you some of the other wonderful I have learnt to connect and work with during this lifetime.

For many years I have been channelling information, specifically related to thoughts, feelings and emotions, and to date, I have only shared a small portion of what I've received. Over the last year or so, more of you are opening up and searching for information to help you to understand, how to access your own unique gifts and live a life filled with joy and harmony, so I have decided to go into my archives and offer them to you as blogs.

I hope you enjoy them!

Greetings, we are "The Bringers of Light."

As we sit beside you, a cone of silence falls on the deafened ears and registers instead in the awakened heart.

We do not know what it is to be in your physical body, the exact vibration or the feelings that you have become familiar with, all we know is that when you are out of alignment with your true nature, or your true source energy, you are not receiving the information or physical manifestations you desire. We want to help you to understand why?

It is similar to wanting the apple to be present on the tree, yet the apple is still a seed and has not experienced the seasons for which it needs to in order to be fulfilled and become the perfect fruit. What is the rush? Why do you feel you need what you believe you want in this present moment?

What will the wanting replace that you can’t find from a feeling, a dream, an image, or a desire?

As you sit within your physical body and ask, you are creating in a way that is no longer how we operate on the 5th dimension. When you ask, you are open to the gap of what is not there, you offer a vibration that says you are missing something. You know that having of it will make you appear better but will it make you feel better? Why? What feeling describes why you need it and what vibration does it hold?

The feeling is a journey of the heart. It is an energetic journey, not a physical one.

As many of you long to move from this thick and heavy energy of the earth into a faster, freer vibration, we ask that you find this within you in the very small things that you are beyond grateful for. The miracles of your breath, the comfort of your skin, the presence of your smile.

Oneness is where everything exists in perfect harmony, where no separation lives or appears due to conflicting opinions or thoughts. As you find this oneness within yourself, the polarity of what you want and what you are will become less, and with time and practice it will disappear completely.

The awareness of this polarity that exists within you. The desire to slip away and into a dimension described as blissful is of a different frequency to where you are standing in this moment if you are not completely blissful now.

There is no one more deserving of this freedom than the next, not one more deserving of the love and light offered on a higher realm. Your neighbour is your friend and is the essence of you, they are just vibrating at a different frequency at this point on their life journey.

You cannot want something and be it in the same moment unless you are vibrating in total faith and trust. If you are checking in on the appearance of what you want regularly then you have a vibration that is not of the highest frequency possible to manifest instantly, faith is without a doubt missing.

As we have moved the limitations on what you may receive and how quickly the synchronicity between thought and feeling connected to a manifestation arrives, you must recognise that only limitations in your thoughts and beliefs are holding you back now from receiving.

We will talk more about faith and trust because they are the letting go you are required to do in order to unlearn all the rules and programs of thought you were taught in this lifetime, by those who wished to teach you how to navigate the world you live in. This is no longer the case, you now need to unlearn this fear of hard work and replace it with faith, trust, and letting go. Can you do that?

The work should be called joy from this point forward. Your joy must be in checking in on the frequency of joy within each thought. You must check in on the joy quota, and the vibration of each thought until and if it is not filled with joy and faith, then you must focus on filling the following thoughts with this essence. The 5th dimension is a place that operates on this premise, the lower duality frequencies are not of concern nor are they present, so you must learn to let go of them.

The struggle is over but to reach this place you must become aware first of how to live and create this vibration within yourself on earth. Find faith in each thought, for faith is free of binding contracts and limitations.

The Bringers of light and information, and we carry love in all the frequencies we send you.

Channelled by

Claie xo


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