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Want to Upgrade your Frequency?  Lumiere Healing Cells Speak your Language!

The NEW Lumiere Cells

Each Lumiere Cell has been designed to energetically align and transform the frequency that is most out of balance with wellness within your body, creating a path for healing to take place on a Quantum level.

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How to be your Perfect Self

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Do you find yourself dishonouring your own needs to please others? No two people operate on the same frequency, that’s why being authentic is the fastest way to find your perfect rhythm in life.

Stay true to yourself!

Love your quirks, celebrate your uniqueness, and be at peace with what makes you so special.

Beating to someone else’s drum will always put you offbeat, so be the perfect version of yourself. Someone else’s perfect is out of sync with your tune, so don’t adjust your wonderful, to become a copy of what already exists within another.

The world is full of copycats, trying so hard to be what they aren't, only to find themselves down the line frustrated, lost and in a place they never really wanted to be. True bliss happens when you say NO to all the external pressures to go down a path you know deep down in your heart doesn't fit you, and instead, you start tuning into your intuition to follow what does.

I hear it all the time when I'm with my clients, they know a situation isn't right for them but the idea behind the decision is set in a belief they've adopted without checking in on whether they truly believed it. The external noise makes us all lazy, so we aren't listening to our thoughts or challenging our beliefs.

Just like you would run a business, you need to have a clear idea about who you want to be and how you want to feel. The requirement isn't to replicate another's business plan, it's to write your own, and this is the fastest way to become authentic and choose what is serving you at a core energetic level.

Are you ready to start becoming the real version of YOU, leave me a comment below.

Much Love

Claie xo

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