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Want to Upgrade your Frequency?  Lumiere Healing Cells Speak your Language!

The NEW Lumiere Cells

Each Lumiere Cell has been designed to energetically align and transform the frequency that is most out of balance with wellness within your body, creating a path for healing to take place on a Quantum level.

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Self Love is the Ultimate Destination

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

There is so much talk about the vibration of the new earth, and the importance of being and feeling love, but that’s not always easy to do.

Taking the time to understand and recognise the frequencies related to your emotions is a very valuable exercise, as it strengthens your ability intuitively navigate what is going to serve your highest good and what is going to lead you down a more difficult or unwanted path.

Love is the highest frequency we as humans have access to. Love hold the energy that allows all things to be in harmony with their true nature and that includes the cells within your body. The programs of thought that we have created about what love is, distort the frequency and place conditions around the emotion, that are not in alignment with the true vibration. Love is limitless, it is free and it is full of abundance and joy.

Although each transmission you listen to has a different intention or code to activate within you, they are all downloaded from the same loving frequency. The energy I hold must be clear and loving for each light code to reach you in it's purest format, as this speeds up the quality of activation you experience.

As you continue to listen to these little downloads, take note of the feeling that resonates during, or after you hear it, as it is the subtle frequency that you are looking to hold as you move through your day. Being able to bring love more often to each thought, each experience and every daily action, shuts down the lower, slower and more damaging energies that run on rote through your mind.

Each of you that joins me here is remembering who you are, beyond your physical body. Beyond the beliefs, the physical world has been able to offer. Now you are activating something within you that is opening you up to the beautiful truth about your magnificence and the incredible power within YOU!

This message has been downloaded from the Akashic Records and is to activate the ability to more deeply feel and live in the frequency of LOVE for SELF. 💗

I hope you enjoy it.

Much Love

Claie 💗⭐️🙏🏼

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