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Want to Upgrade your Frequency?  Lumiere Healing Cells Speak your Language!

The NEW Lumiere Cells

Each Lumiere Cell has been designed to energetically align and transform the frequency that is most out of balance with wellness within your body, creating a path for healing to take place on a Quantum level.

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Heal Broken Relationships

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

Each time I sit down to transmit a Light Language, I ask that the information most important to those listening, be brought through me to help repair and heal the frequency that needs to find alignment.

Usually, I receive frequency that is relevant to the physical body and the thought energies and emotions that are responsible for creating the blocks but today it was a little different. Today I was shown that family relationships need attention and healing.

Our etheric chords are strongest between those who are in our immediate family. They are not necessarily the ones that may bring you the most joy, or even the most heartache but they have a unique connection that can at times be extremely challenging.

During this transmission, I felt they were showing me the importance of letting go of the emotions and past situations that created separation between those in your family, and a distinct need to come together in harmony.

Our families are the ones who give us our model for love and often it’s a faulty model, (by no means intentionally). To ascend we all need to operate from within our hearts and this means living consistently in a vibration of love.

When someone close to us makes us feel angry, hurt, or sad and we hold the energy of it for longer than we need to, we nurture a frequency that has the potential to create illness within our system.

Being able to name the emotion that the relationship brings up in you will help you to realise what frequency you are holding that is unhealthy. Your job is to let go of the frequency and replace it with something that feels better and you do this by changing your beliefs around the story.

It’s like playing tug of war. Once the rope is dropped there is no resistance and nothing pulling at your heartstrings or firing you up. It’s the same with emotional relationships. When you let go of the emotion, others can’t activate it within you.

This is an important one, so I’ll download some more light language on this topic in the near future.

You’re all doing great!

Much Love

Claie xo


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